Why should you eat Chia Seed Powder rather than Chia Seed?

Why should you eat Chia Seed Powder rather than Chia Seed?

Nutritionists indicate that chia seeds contain 10 times the fibre found in rice, 3 times antioxidant found in blueberry and 7 times Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon! (Chia seeds contain 9 times fatty acids found in deep sea fish, 5 times protein in milk, 12 times dietary fibre in whole wheat, 6 times calcium in milk). Hence, chia seeds is effective in weight control, beauty care, health maintenance and laxative functions.

How to maximise absorption of chia seed nutrient?

Chia seed is a treasure to the body. Tiny in size but overloaded with super nutrients. However, it is covered with hard shell that keeps the nutrients inside, which is difficult to digest. The best way is to break each of its shell before consuming to allow faster nutrient absorption in the body. However, due to its tiny size, how do you do that to maximise the absorption of its nutrient?

With the help of cold-press technology, our chia seeds were defatted and grinded to become Chia Seeds Powder. Jam-packed with nutrients, easy to consume! We strictly ensure that each tiny seed is processed without a chance for oxidation and continue storing its nutrient while being hygienically packaged for your consumption!

Our selected UNIQO Chia Seed Powder is directly imported from the highly reputable nutritional food product producer, Benexia from Chile.

Super nutrient to boost health and colourful life!

*UNIQO Chia Seed Powder is produced via strict defatting and grinding process. It is an extremely popular super food in Europe and USA due to its high nutritional value.